Glyn Williams-Jones

June 18, 2010
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This site serves as a clearing house for a number of volcanological resources that I have put together over the years and think may be useful to the volcanology community at large. These include lists of Latin American volcano pages, Professors of Volcanology and Volcano Observatories, and of course, Canadian volcanoes and an ever expanding virtual Bookstore of interesting volcanology-related books. runs on a not-for-profit basis (click here to find out more) and we are now also very pleased to be involved with another non-profit, the International Volcano Monitoring Fund "dedicated to serving volcanically-threatened communities in low- to middle-income countries by providing instrumentation, training, and education to monitor volcanic activity and raise awareness about the environmental hazards of active volcanoes". All revenues from the Bookstore will be donated to the IVM-Fund. You can also donate directly to the International Volcano Monitoring Fund if you wish.

New Initiative! The International Volcano Monitoring Fund is currenty raising funds to help Volcanologists in Guatemala purchase simple field equipment and volcano monitoring instrumentation for the Santiaguito Volcano Observatory.



Suggestions (criticisms?) or additions are always appreciated, so feel free to email me.