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Arenal Volcano

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Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

[Arenal Volcano]
[Arenal Volcano]

Volcán Arenal is a stratovolcano which rises 1,657 meters above sea level and is situated in north-western Costa Rica (10.463N, 84.703W), 90 km north-west of San José. Less than 3000 years old, this andesite-basalt volcano is Costa Rica's most active. On July 29th, 1968, after approximately 500 years quiescence, Arenal erupted explosively killing 78 people, and has since been continuously active. Arenal is one of seven historically active Costa Rican volcanoes, (Poás, Irazu, Miravalles, Orosi, Rincon de la Vieja, and Turrialba).